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Three Little-Known Benefits of Tree Trimming

Trees are, no doubt, one of the most valuable assets of nature. They provide one of the essential elements in the world (oxygen) and are also serve as homes to many animals.

The most common reason why people plant and keep trees is for their aesthetic value. Tree trimming, when carried out by a professional like Miguel’s Dallas Tree Service, does not only make your trees more aesthetically pleasing, but it also has several benefits you might not know about.

Tree Trimming Keeps Trees Healthy

Tree trimming promotes the healthy growth of trees. When trees are trimmed, dead or damaged limbs are removed, giving room for the growth of new and more robust leaves, branches and fruits (if it’s a fruit tree).

Tree trimming also reduces the amount of leaf disease in trees by increasing the flow of air through the tree canopy and is also beneficial for a stronger root system. To ensure that your trees are trimmed properly, trust professionals (hint: Miguel’s Dallas Tree Service).

Tree Trimming is Good for Safety

How could tree trimming keep you safe? Did you know that trees actually can pose a threat when not well trimmed? Dead or flapping branches can reduce visibility, which can obstruct movement around or under a tree, on roadways and sidewalks. An excellent way to prevent obstruction on walking paths is to trim these branches off the tree. Diseased and dead branches can also cause significant damage to your home if left unattended. These can damage your roof, affect electric wires – or even worse, cause a fire outbreak. Leaving trees untrimmed can also cause debris on the ground which could be a potential threat to pedestrians and can cause a significant insect problem on your property. Getting your tree trimmed by an expert like Miguel’s Dallas Tree Service is a great way to keep you and other pedestrians safe.

Tree Trimming is Good for the Environment

Untrimmed trees can hamper the growth of other shrubs and grasses at their base. Tree trimming allows other plants to get direct access to sunlight and rain, thus allowing them to grow more effectively. Tree trimming also reduces the chances of bugs and insects residing inside the dead parts of your tree. Professional tree trimmers can help suggest the best ways to help your trees.

Oh, and tree trimming does keep your home’s lawn and landscape looking gorgeous!