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Understanding Tree Pruning

Trees are truly man’s best friend. Greener surroundings help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s landscape, along with providing numerous resources essential for our survival. However, trees require immense care to prosper in the right manner to ensure that their growth is continual. That’s where tree pruning services help. 

Dallas has a vast landscape of beautiful plants and colossal trees. When you hire Miguel’s Dallas Tree Service, we understand the tree pruning process and help you make an informed decision on pruning your trees. We also make sure your trees are pruned in the right manner.

The Need for Tree Pruning

In an urban landscape, pruning a tree is of utmost importance as it not only helps enhance the life of a tree but also helps maintain its aesthetic appeal. The area around which the tree grows influences the future structures that may be erected in its vicinity.

Any Dallas tree pruning service provider will first carry out a preliminary analysis of the neighboring trees and surroundings to get an overview of the amount of pruning that may be necessary, and whether pruning will have a detrimental effect on neighboring structures.

It may also happen that sometimes a tree may be ridden with diseases or similar pathological conditions. This causes a threat to the survival of the tree and may also spread to the animals or plants in its vicinity. Pruning is also necessary to reduce maintenance costs in the future as a shabby growth may require high amount of labor and other resources.

The Intricacies of Tree Pruning

Pruning a tree requires high level of expertise as it is an intricate activity. It may also lead to accidents if undertaken without adequate safety measures in place. This is the reason why one should call a company like Miguel’s Dallas Tree Service. Pruning a tree directly affects its physiology and disease fighting abilities. This is the reason why it is important that it is undertaken properly.

The physiological effects are evident from the fact that pruning a branch reduces the energy storage capability of a tree, cuts down its stored energy and may also alter the growth pattern of a tree. In case, you have a fruit-bearing tree or a tree which yields useful resources, pruning a tree in the wrong manner may even lead to it getting withered away.

Pruning a tree opens up sites which makes it vulnerable to infections. Along with pathogens, it also provides breeding ground for insects. As energy levels of a tree decreases post pruning, so does its disease fighting capabilities. These facts highlight a few intricacies involved in pruning the tree in the right manner.  When you contact a Dallas tree pruning service provider, you must be wary of these facts.

The Golden Rules for Pruning a Tree

Miguel’s Dallas Tree Service tries to follow these golden rules for pruning a tree:

  1. Maintain the right frequency, that is, instead of pruning a large chunk of the tree, prune short amounts at regular intervals.
  2. Select the right portions to prune. If pruning is done with help of proper tools at the hands of experts, it ensures proper cuts and avoids exposure to insects and other infections.
  3. Do not alter the natural form. There are certain trees which can withstand the after-effects of pruning. However, if a tree is pruned in the wrong to impart a desired shape to it, it may have severe effects of the growth of the tree.
  4. Time your pruning right. It is not advisable to prune a tree when its energy reserves are low, like in the case of severe drought or flood. One must allow the tree to return to its natural state post a calamity to undertake pruning.

Our Services

Miguel’s Dallas Tree Service is one of the leading experts in field of tree pruning, tree removal and tree plantation which helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of the greens around you. With the support of experienced staff and team members, we ensure that the desired activities are carried out with a high level of efficiency.