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Miguel’s Dallas Tree Service enjoys making your landscape as beautiful as possible with expert tree trimming.

Besides beautification, tree trimming services help your trees live longer and maintain a healthy, natural appearance. When you hire us, we’ll review your trees’ condition and provide a needs assessment. We may recommend removing unhealthy limbs or diseased areas.

Here are a few indicators that you may need tree trimming services:

  • Trees are close to our touching power lines
  • Tree branches rub against your home’s side, windows or roof
  • Branches are dead or broken
  • Trees have not been pruned or trimmed in several years
  • Trees are growing in odd shapes reducing curb appeal

We use cabling to restrict the movement of heavier tree limbs. This helps prolong the life of the tree. We can also remove lower branches up to a certain height (crown raising), lessen the top or sides of the tree (crown reduction) or remove dead/unwanted branches (crown reduction).

Key Benefits of Service

Quality tree trimming services improve the value of your home or commercial property and lessen potential dangers and damage from overgrown trees and limbs.

Miguel’s Dallas Tree Service provides both commercial and residential tree trimming for the entire north Dallas area as well as Collin County. Our prices are extremely affordable, so please call us today!

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